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Give your party a little extra flair!

Throwing a party is one of the most satisfying – and nerve wracking – things that you can do. There’s nothing like bringing all of your favourite people together to spend a fun-filled evening eating, drinking and partying into the early hours!

It goes without saying that the type of party you want to throw is going to make a big difference to the kind of planning that you need to do. If you want something casual at home then you’re not going to need to plan as much but if you want something a little more special, then here are a few ideas to give your party that little bit extra! 

Spoil your guests

If you want to bring something extra to your party then spoil your guests – greet them with a glass of fizz when they walk through the door. Places like Oddbins champagne are perfect for finding delicious bubbly at a reasonable cost – when you buy in bulk, you often get better discounts. Or maybe you could do adult goody bags, swapping haribo for fancy soaps or miniatures. Having something to take away from is a nice touch and helps your party stick in the minds of your guests.

Commit to a theme

A lot of people tend to ignore the theme of a party – they think if a party has a theme then it’s going to end up being some kind of cheesy fancy dress party. Now, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of fromage at a party, but if you want something a bit classier then why not try something like a theme around the jazz age, or host a murder mystery night? That way, you and your guests can get dressed up in your fanciest clothes and commit to the atmosphere of the whole event.

Invite the right people

Don’t assume that just because there’s a lot of people at the party that it’s going to be a success. It’s often better to only invite the people you actually want to spend time with rather than inviting every Tom, Dick and Harry to make you look more popular! If possible, it’s a good idea to be mindful of inviting people you know get along – otherwise you run the risk of guests feeling awkward around one another or even getting into arguments, which can ruin a party in an instant.