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Here is how to make your home feel cosier

Making a minimalist space feel comfortable can be challenging, whether you’re renting your first home, moving into dorms, or furnishing a new bedroom. This is especially true if you’re unable to pull out a paintbrush or put holes in the walls. In light of this, here are some quick, simple, and inexpensive ways to provide a touch of home to a new environment. 

Select a soothing colour scheme

Choosing furniture and soft furnishings in a soft palette of biscuit, stone, and grey will quickly make the area feel cosy and comfortable, regardless of the colour of the walls. For an added touch, add more blankets and cushions.

Decide on an organic look using raw materials

Unsure of how to get an industrial scheme going? Choose furnishings and fabrics that are influenced by organic or natural materials, such as rattan and wood, to help lend a natural touch to a stark or high room. Even a small amount of wood instantly makes a space feel warmer. Wooden features, such as hardwood flooring, furniture like dressers or coffee tables, shelving, or decorations like bowls, pedestals, and trays, can help you design a warm house.

Include texture and layers

Layers of soft textures can make any area feel cosy and inviting, even if it is empty. All it takes to turn a blank room into a cosy retreat is crisp white bed linen, thick knitwear, and basket weaves. Also, try decorative cushions and blankets. Your pillow covers are one of the simplest ways to alter the feel, look, and season of your space! We always need blankets and throws in our house, no matter the season! 

Show off your favourite works of art

Any area can instantly gain personality by having pictures of loved ones, adorable symbols, or favourite sayings displayed. Not possible to drill through the wall: Lean large-scale pictures or posters against a wall in a monochromatic frame, and hang photos or postcards from a piece of string over a headboard or curtain rod. 

Bring the outside inside 

Place natural flora on windowsills, shelves, or ledges to instantly transform a place into one that feels cosier. Choose straightforward jam jars for a low-cost fix or mix and combine other vases for an eclectic look.

Utilise lights to create a cosy ambience

Want to give your space a cosy, inviting feel? Avoid blue-tinted or stark white lighting and choose colours that create a gentle glow instead. Add an origami pendant shade to an existing bulb, arrange tea lights and candles, or hang fairy lights for a quick impact to make your lighting work harder. Nothing makes a room feel cosy like a fireplace and be sure to get woodburning stoves and accessories to make it look cosy and incredible. 

Smart storage practises 

Lack of storage space in the cabinets? Stylish baskets, copper bins, and an industrial-style unit are terrific alternatives to a basic chest of drawers for keeping your new space neat and tidy. Additionally, they don’t require being fastened to a wall, are simple to update should you wish to change up your design, and are the finest of all.

*This is a collaborative post