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How to add some fun to your health and fitness goals

Let’s face it; keeping yourself motivated when achieving health and fitness goals is difficult enough. How many times have you set fitness and weight loss goals for yourself and started enthusiastically only to stop half way? Or a day later in my case!

The last thing you want to do is make the process monotonous and boring. So, is your weight loss and fitness regime becoming a bit uninspiring? Spice it up with some of these fun ideas.
Dancing is one of the most effective ways of exercising, as it offers a full-body workout. Plus, it’s more fun than pacing on a treadmill. So, instead of hitting the gym daily, take a day or two every week to get your body grooving (even better if you’ve got fizz in your hand, LOLS). There are loads of dance schools and lessons available, both online and in studios. Arthur Murray Inner West offers dance lessons to anyone interested in learning in over 22 countries across the world.  According to experts, with the right steps, intensity, and music, you can burn about 400 calories during an hour of dancing. So, get yourself a pair of dancing shoes and start having fun while you burn those calories!
Go swimming
If you aren’t too sure about dancing, perhaps you can give swimming a go. Apart from being a relaxing pastime, swimming helps boost your cardiovascular health. Unlike the rigors of the gym, swimming has a low impact on your joints so you can still carry out this activity even if you have a few aches and pains. Swimming can also improve your lung function and reduce your blood pressure.
Going for a walk
If lockdown’s taught us anything it’s that going for a walk can be fun! Beyond helping you to clear your head and de-stress, walking comes with so many health benefits. It helps to reduce the risk of dementia as you age while reducing fatigue. Walking also benefits the mind, just being out and about and connecting with nature is an instant mood booster! 
Cycling comes with immense benefits for your body and mind; it helps you work on your calves, hamstrings, quads, and other parts of your lower body. It also helps boost your cardiovascular health, as you get a fair number of cardio workouts done. If you find squats boring in the gym, try getting on a bicycle. Plus, cycling is an excellent option for recovering from injury or dealing with pain because it doesn’t include bearing weights. It is also great for your mental health, as it helps you destress while improving your mood. 
*This is a collaborative post.