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Inspiring Way To Add Sparkle To Your Home

A bit of sparkle in the home adds a sense of luxury to almost any room, but it doesn’t have to be expensive to make your home feel like a palace. You could redesign an old mirror with glitter paint, hang sparkle panels in your shower room, or furnish your front room with sparkly soft cushions….

Hang glittery mirrors and artwork
Mirrors are an excellent choice for interior design; they can be used in any room of the house to make it look and feel bigger and brighter. Adding sparkle to your mirrors or hanging sparkly artwork is another way to throw extra light around the space. It’s easy to do. If you can’t find a mirror, you can use some glitter paint to bring an old one back to life. If you hang it in a location where there is plenty of light, it will make an impression on the room. A word of caution, it may not be a good idea if you already have sparkly walls. 
How to sparkle-up your bathroom
If you love sparkle, then the bathroom is a great place to add a bit of ‘extra’ to your home. Sparkle works well in the bathroom, perhaps because of the typical white, silver and grey that adorns walls – they’re all the colours that sparkle works best with. Install some white sparkle shower panels in the shower area. They are classy looking and easy to clean. Sparkle panels can also be added to the sink area instead of tiles. 
Use DIY glitter paint on your walls
A practical and low-cost way of adding sparkle to your home is to use glitter paint that you buy from any local DIY shop. This paint is usually clear and contains glitter. It can be applied to any colour of paint you already have on your walls to give the glitter effect. Use a roller or a brush to apply the glitter paint and feel free to apply a second or third coat depending on how dense you want the glitter effect to be. If you no longer want the glitter effect on those walls, the glitter paint can be easily painted over – no fuss!
Soft furnishings bring sparkle to your rooms
There may be reasons you don’t want to hang sparkle mirrors or apply sparkle paint to your walls. Maybe your tastes clash with someone in the house, or perhaps you’re renting, and the landlord is not willing to let you decorate. In that case, you can still bring the sparkle you desire into your home by using soft furnishings. Cushions, throws, curtains, and wall hangings are all excellent ways to bring sparkle to your rooms. When buying them try to make sure the sparkle is all one colour, try not to mix silver with gold and pink, unless this is what you’re going for. 
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