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My Slimming World Journey | Week 7

So this week I haven’t really strictly been following the Slimming World plan – it was almost like I’d reached my target and I completely took my foot off the gas and just went buckwild eating non-stop, scoffing pringles and family bags of crisps. It was a beautiful week.

However, I knew I was going to see an upward result on the scales of doom this week – and I was up 1lb.
So I’m now sitting 0.5lbs above where I wanted to be (still 2.5lbs in my target range) and THIS is the reason that I need to keep going for weekly weigh ins at group.
Here’s some of this weeks favourite eats!

Slimming World Recipes

Sweet potato, vegetable and chicken curry with couscous

Slimming World Recipes

Chicken and halloumi (HEA) wrap (HEB) with Slimming World chips.

Definitely not Slimming World – whoops

Slimming World Recipes

Chicken marinaded in Katsu sauce (4.5syns) with couscous and a field mushroom.

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