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Summer Holiday

My Summer Bucketlist | Things to do with the kids in the Summer Holidays

I usually whoop and holla about it being school holidays as the roads empty out and my journey to work reduces, meaning I get extra time to faff about at home. But it suddenly dawned on me that this is the last ‘free’ summer before Sofia becomes a fully fledged school girl. No more nursery taking care of her for two of my working days – next Summer we’ll have to find a whole new routine!
So, with the dizzy heights of Year R looming, I wanted to make this last Summer really special for Sofia. We take our Thursdays and Fridays together for granted because we’ve had them together for so long, but soon we’ll only have the weekends and the odd inset day, so I pledge this summer to cross as many of these off the list as we can!

  1. Have a ‘girls only’ day out
  2. Go to the icecream parlour
  3. Let Sofia do my make up
  4. Go to the beach and stay there until the sun starts to set
  5. Make cookies and lick the bowl
  6. Go bowling
  7. Find a big field and fly a kite
  8. Play mini golf
  9. Master the bike with no stabilisers and go for a family bike ride
  10. Go hill rolling
  11. Spray her hair a different colour for one day only! 
  12. Spend a morning tidying up the playroom and get a bag of toys together to go to those less fortunate
  13. Write a ‘book’ and design the cover
  14. Set up camp in the playroom and sleep down there for one night
  15. Make an explosion!
  16. Collect seashells from the beach and make a keepsake picture
  17. Make a shoebox of memories from our summer
  18. Paint pottery
  19. Make homemade slime
  20. Wash my car together
  21. Make a dream catcher like this one

What things do you plan to get up to this summer holidays?