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new homeowners

New home, new problems

The fairy tale idea of moving into a new home is often not littered with sparkle and fairy dust – if you’ve already moved home, then you’ll know how true this actually is. I remember when we brought our first house and we were so excited…until moving day happened and we were lugging boxes in the peeing down rain on moving day, but also the realisation of being homeowners dawned on me. We were responsible for this house, the bills and the dreaded boiler that people always say break down in the winter when you really need it! 

I’ve listed a few common things to look out for and how to navigate round any of the issues if they were to arise…
Money Problems
Money problems are inevitably going to pop up when you move into your first home, there is always something that you haven’t accounted for. Unfortunately, moving home puts a lot of people in to their overdrafts.  So, if you want to try and tackle money problems, it’s all about savings. Before moving out, you would have saved like no tomorrow to try and afford the move, well, it shouldn’t stop there. Try to keep in the habit of keeping a bit of money aside each month – have people over for dinner or houseparties to keep social but costs down…just remind guests to take their shoes off on their way in!
Leaky Problems
Leaky problems can so easily go from something small, to something that’s out to ruin your entire home. Whether your new home is really old or brand new, things can still go  wrong. If you’ve purchased a new build, the contractors are usually obligated to deal with any issues within the first few months. After that, it’s down to you to sort, which is why you need a plumber that you can trust on standby.
Noise Problems
This is the most annoying thing, when you move in and realise you have anti-social , noisy neighbours or that the main road is much louder than you thought when you went round to view it. If it’s noisy neighbours, try talking to them, chances are they many not realise they’re being so loud – and a noisy road? Maybe it’s time to invest in some super strength double glazing!   
Do you have any top tips for money saving when moving home?