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Make your day to day life a lot more positive with these tips!

Everyone on this planet knows that life isn’t always picture perfect. In order to get through each day, week and month, we definitely have to be in the right frame of mind. It all starts with us and how we feel.

If we feel good, then we’re in a fantastic position to head out and live life to the fullest. We’ll have the confidence to do what we want and we’ll take certain risks knowing that we’ll have things to fall back on.
If our physical health and fitness are on point and our mental state is okay, then we’re usually good to go. It’s just a case of making ourselves into that mentally and physically healthy human being. The good thing is that it’s not all that difficult in theory – it’s just a case of doing the same kinds of things over and over again. We need to train our brains into behaving in certain ways and thinking about certain ideas differently. I’ve learnt it’s all about the practice and repetition!
Make Plans For How Your Days And Weeks Will Go 
Some people enjoy living life on a whim and not really planning things out. They like the thought of every day being a mystery – even when it comes to the very basics of life. They’ll cross certain bridges when they reach them and won’t really worry about what’s in the distant future. The majority, however, need to know what’s going on in order to have a healthier look at life. Not knowing the future can cause so much anxiety in life. So, it’s great to literally sit down for an hour every now and again and actually plan out what your immediate future looks like. Things like bullet journaling diaries are great because they plan things out for you, give you goals, and provide a genuine long-term hobby. 
Get Into A Good Routine Each Day 
Some people don’t like the idea of ever being in a routine because it can put them in somewhat of a comfort zone. If you do the same things every single day, it will make you develop a habit and it’ll be hard to break that habit. Hence, plenty of people are wary of the idea of a routine. They’ll maybe become too comfortable and reliant on a certain way of doing something. Having a solid routine in some aspects won’t allow you to get into that kind of rut, however. We’re simply talking about morning and night-time routines. They’ll set you up perfectly for the day ahead and help you to achieve what you want. It’s always great to have a good foundation.
Don’t Put Pressure On Yourself To Do Things You Aren’t Comfortable With 
Of course, it’s good to put pressure on ourselves when we want to improve or when we have things to do that will benefit us, but it shouldn’t be incessant. People who place too much stress on themselves are doing so pretty unnecessarily. Life is supposed to be quite a challenge but it’s also supposed to be enjoyed. There’s no point in doing most things if you’re going to get a kick out of them. If you’ve been brought up in a family that always piles pressure and stress onto situations, then obviously that’s not great. Approach situations with a smile and positivity – there’s literally no need to add more negative emphasis. 
Spend Your Time Around People Who Are Good For You
We are seriously affected by those around us. We become influenced so easily by people we look up to – and also by people we don’t really care about. We’re a tribal species, so we’re used to wanting to please those nearby. The best advice here is to hang around people who are going to lift you and make you feel like the amazing human you want to be. Too many of us are friends with negative, toxic people who want to bring us down and gossip when we’re not around. 
Work Out Frequently 
Constantly exercising will allow you to be mentally and physically more comfortable with life. At the end of the day, your body will need to be in good shape in order to do even the basics properly. Working out also allows your mind to see things with more clarity and to be more positive. It may sound like a lot of effort, but it’s actually so rewarding and fun once you find the right kind of exercise for you. 
Always Look To Improve Yourself In All Kinds Of Areas
Staying still for a while is fine, but try not to stagnate for too long as you’ll likely end up regressing. Life is all about increasing your brain capacity and becoming a more accomplished version of yourself than you were, say, the year before. If you become smarter, fitter, healthier, etc. then you’re going to be a lot happier overall – life will become a lot simpler for you. 
Add Aspects To Your Home That Will Make You Feel Happier 
You’re going to be spending the majority of your life in your home. It’s the place you head to when you’ve had a long day or when you just need a little relaxation time with minimal effort. So, it makes sense to fill your home with things that make you happier. You won’t want to sit in a home that literally upsets you. So, whether you want to add that long-awaited Live Edge Shelf or whether you need to convert an entire room, it’s good to get it done sooner rather than later.
Do Something Productive When You Feel Like You Have Too Much Free Time Ahead 
When you feel as though you have little to do, you can feel pretty useless. We all feel spare when we aren’t involved in too many activities. If you know you have nothing to do, it’s good to make something happen – even if it’s something quite ordinary and bland. Don’t just sit around because that will become a bad habit and it could make you spiral out of control. 
Improve The Feel And Atmosphere Of Your House
Your home shouldn’t be a dour, cold, and awkward area. Make it a lovelier place by improving the scent and temperature, for starters. Air purifiers, air fresheners, and a solid central heating system should do so much for you and anyone else who graces your home. 
Consider The Colour Psychology Of Your Home 
This might sound like a small point to make, but you’d be amazing at the part it can play in how we feel. Room colour can make you feel either very warm and comfortable, or extremely awkward, cold, and negative. It varies from person to person, of course, as it’s all subjective. 
Be Good To Others Whenever You Can  
The human brain gets a genuinely positive feeling whenever it does something for others that benefits them. If you aim to emit a positive attitude and to do things for others, then you’re going to feel a lot better about yourself. You’ll also get a lot more in return as people will remember how you treated them. Life has a funny way of coming back around – for good or for bad. 
Ensure The Fundamental Jobs Around The Home Are Handled 
When you have a lot on, it can be very stressful. They can be made even more so if things close to home are in a pretty negative spot. Your job is to ensure that your home has pretty much everything sorted. This goes for the cleanliness, the basic facilities, and the overall functionality. Make sure everyone who lives there is okay, too, of course!
Think About Your Garden
A garden is something that is supposed to supplement a home perfectly. If your garden is looking a little worse for wear, then perhaps it’s time to do something about it. An ugly garden can really hang over you. Your first step is to clear up and make sure you have a pretty blank canvas. Once you have that kind of setting, the lighting, logistics, and decorations will all flow. You can check out our garden makeover here.
Eat Well 
Your body runs well when you eat the right foods. When it comes to healthy eating, filling your stomach with enough calories – and the right calories – will allow both your body and brain to feel so much more alive and ready to take on all challenges. Try not to skip meals because it can really throw you off. 
Drink Lots Of Water 
 Whenever we’re in a bad mood mentally and we’re feeling physically lethargic, it’s usually because we are dehydrated. It’s amazing what a lack of water can do to us. When the slightest thing sets us off, it’s typically down to being completely away from a bottle of water. Whenever we then drink a litre or two or the good stuff, we usually get back to our normal selves…or at least, feel a lot more awake and less sluggish!
*This is a collaborative post.