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The health benefits of a cleaner home

Unless you’re on a different planet, you’ll be familiar with Mrs Hinch and her cleaning routines. But did you know there are all kinds of benefits to having a cleaner home? It’s time to get acquainted with Minkeh and Dave…for good reason!

Here are just a few of the health benefits you can expect from your home after getting on top of your housework.
You will experience reduced stress
As the saying goes, a tidy house leads to a tidier mind! We’re thinking about the clutter that builds up from room to room, those pots that gather in your sink, the dust that accumulates on your work surfaces, and the dirt and grime that hides the colour and shine of your floors. The sight (and smell) of these issues are not conducive to a positive state of mind, so rather than procrastinate over them and suffer the mental consequences, you should do what you can to get on top of your household clutter.
You will reduce the spread of germs and bacteria
Certain rooms in your home are more open to germs than others. The bathroom and kitchen are more likely to face exposure to dirt and substances that could cause sickness in your family. 
Another issue to consider is insect and rodent infestations. Flies, mice, rats, and other bugs are attracted to the smell of dirt and waste food, and might then invade your home if it’s not as clean as it should be. So, before you need to call pest control, and before you or any members of your family get sick, commit to a thorough clean of your home. If that doesn’t solve the issue then exterminators in TX are worth a call. 
You will benefit from a better night’s sleep
How many times have you been distracted by the clutter that is building up in your bedroom? A clean and tidy home is conducive to a better night’s sleep, and this, as you know, is essential for your physical health and wellbeing. You will then wake up feeling refreshed and energised, and because your body has been rested, you will also have a strengthened immune system. 
You won’t injure yourself
An untidy home is akin to a health and safety disaster waiting to happen. You might step on something sharp. You could trip over something that is lying in wait for you at the top of the stairs – or the bottom, in my case!  Let’s just hope you have a first aid kit in place in the event of an accident!
You will eat healthily
According to this article, a messy home can worsen your diet. This is because the stress that an untidy home can cause can lead many of us to reach for unhealthy comfort foods to reduce the stress that we are feeling. In effect, a good tidy-up should lead to better snack choices. I need to try this one after the New Year!
Another benefit of having a cleaner home is improved health and a better wellbeing. So, let this be another incentive to crack on with your household chores, especially when you’re tempted to do anything but pick up a squeegee mop or your hoover!
*This is a collaborative post.