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The hottest shrubs for early spring

Has spring sprung? It’s hard to tell. With all the COVID-19 craziness, it’s difficult even to remember what day it is anymore!

However, the sun is making appearances, which is definitely helping our mindsets, and our garden.
With a bit of extra time on our hands and some school projects focusing on the garden in spring, I thought I’d share some of the best shrubberies for springtime.
Let’s start with logistics. How much space do you have? Some shrubs squeeze into compact little spaces, while others tower higher than a standard fence. 
Think about the amount of light that hits your garden. Some shrubs do better in sunnier spaces, while others thrive in shade. Most importantly for me is how much work do I want to put into maintaining these shrubs? Answer: not a lot!
Personally I like to look for shrubs that flower early in spring. That way, you get colour for the longest time. It might be a little late in the game for that this year, but you can still find shrubs that will look great.
Mock Orange
Mock oranges are great flowers for spring. Not only do they smell like orange blossoms, but they also look great alongside other springtime blooms, like hyacinths and lilacs. These flowers are more fragrant than other species, so if you want an overpowering smell, consider other blooms instead.
It wouldn’t feel like spring without a smattering of cheery, pink azalea blooms. Azaleas do well in slightly acidic soil in partly shady areas, which makes them an excellent choice for wooded gardens. They’re also good picks for late-season planting, as their deep green leaves take on a burgundy shade in the fall.
Mountain Laurel
This flowering evergreen shrub produces beautiful pink, white, and purple flower clusters in late May/early June. Spring is the ideal time to plant these shrubs, but make sure you wait until any chances of frost have passed. Otherwise, they tend to wither pretty quickly. 
Have any of these spring shrubs caught your eye? Head over to Hedgeplant Heijen’s website to check out their gorgeous selection of spring shrubbery, including their Yew hedge and mountain laurel shrubs.
Take a look at here to see how our garden grows!
*This is a collaborative post.