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we're having a baby

We’re having a baby | A new chapter.

So, we are having a baby! Due to make its appearance on 1 February 2014. That’s just 15 weeks and 6 days time. Argh.

I say ‘it’, we’re too impatient for waits and surprises so we already know we are having a little girl. Which was the first shock of all, I was convinced I was having an Archie!
Amongst the excitement and worry of it all, there is almost the most strangest feeling of denial, surrealism and just complete fear.
Are our lives over as we know it? We spent so long planning, practicing and timing to conceive that the feeling when we finally hit jackpot was ‘oh shit, we’ve actually made a person that is going to need us!‘.
Knowing from day 1 that I was pregnant made for a very long wait until the private scan we paid for at 9 weeks, the 12 week scan, then the heartbeat check at 16 weeks and then the most recent anomaly scan. Each week being a milestone that we have got further along and ticked off another stage and slowly I’ve begun to relax slightly.
But now that the little monkey – also known as twinkle toes – moves around a lot more the fear factor of her safety has subsided slightly. In fact, every day is a disco day for this one!
The reality that this little pink person is entering our lives very soon has sent her soon-to-be mummy and daddy into a bit of a state of panic. What will we do with this needy like thing? What will she look like? Who will she take after? Is she going to sleep? Are we going to experience this overwhelming love that you read about? Will our friends still want to hang out with us when we have a new not-so-flexible plus one in tow?!
Whatever happens, it’s the next chapter on this journey and it’s sure to be a life changing one…