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Gender Reveal | What happens when it’s a disappointment?

LagerDad is one of four boys (his poor mother), everyone on my side is a boy and girl pair so when I was pregnant first time round it was automatically assumed this must be a boy.
The midwife said ‘If i had to hedge my bets, old wives tales would suggest this heartbeat is that of a boy‘. So I was pretty convinced my baby was going to have a willy & ball bag. Lost count of the amount of times I heard….”You’re definitely carrying like a boy“. How the hell can you carry differently for different genders anyway – is it a myth?! (Clearly was in my case).
So the twenty week scan came, all healthy, phew. Brilliant. But let’s face it, once you know all is well you’re super keen to know what you’re pro-creating. For me, it was the time where the pregnancy would suddenly feel more real, where I could then bond with the baby as a ‘he’…or ‘she’.
Up they went back scanning telling us they knew what it was already….”look for the three lines” – three lines, huh?
I was in disbelief as they zoomed in and showed me around an area which should have¬† been an aubergine emoji…. A girl. A bloody girl! Most women would have been ecstatic, a girl’s all they’ve ever wanted. LagerDad’s mum would have leapt in the air and cartwheeled round the sonographer’s room if she’d heard those words during her pregnancies I’m sure.
But me? I admit, I was disappointed. LagerDad was shocked at my reaction stating “I’ve never seen anyone so disappointed to be told they’re having a healthy baby“.
In my mind, I’d already picked the dungarees and the little timberland boots I wanted to buy after the appointment to celebrate our little bundle of blue.
In fact, the excitement was completely taken off of our ‘one outfit shopping trip’ scheduled for after the appointment; I was really superstitious but I had decided that if all was well at the scan, we would buy one baby related thing to make it all seem more real, I remember begrudgingly picking a blue and white babygro with bows on and sulkily making my way home.
Of course I was so pleased that the baby was healthy and well, everyone we told afterwards automatically assumed that I must be over the moon with a little pink bundle on its way; a girl! After all that’s what us mums always wish for, isn’t it?
Maybe I’m the odd one out here, but it can’t just be me…..can it?
How did you feel after your scan?
[Note: Sofia if you ever read this when you’re older, I couldn’t have wished for a better first born. Gender really doesn’t matter!)

  • Terri


    Thanks for sharing this! I feel like we’re never happy! I was wishing for a boy for #2 and the minute I found out he was a boy I thought “oh man now I’ll never have sisters!”