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What I read in December & my Goodreads challenge update

This month rounds up the year and I went into December having read 29 books, which is an accomplishment for me. I did set a Goodreads challenge of reading 36 books in 2020 but I end this month, and year, having read 34. So just slightly short of my target!

Until the day I die // Emily Carpenter
This was a Kindle credit book so I didn’t actually spend anything on it, which was probably a good thing! It was like a wannabe thriller/horror for pre-schoolers. It didn’t really go anywhere, it was all a bit far fetched and totally unbelievable. I persevered with it though and gave it two stars.
So Lucky // Dawn O’Porter
This was just the lighthearted book I was after. Hilarious and heartbreaking all in one. I read Dawn’s debut novel ‘The Cows’ and I remember it being a bit of a marmite book for people, so I sort of knew what I was getting into for this one, and I really enjoyed it.
If you’re into celebrity weddings, struggling mothers, dogging and crazy mother-in-laws, then this ones for you! For what it was and the mood I was in – I rated it five stars.
My life in pieces // Dawn O’Porter
I finished ‘So Lucky’ and after reading the preview to Dawn’s next book I instantly downloaded it and got started. I felt like Dawn was writing my diary – just minus the margaritas, weed gummies and vomiting cat. A lighthearted insight into a lockdown that all us parents can relate to! I rated it five stars.
Messy, Wonderful Us // Catherine Isaac
This follows the story of Allie who, after finding a secret letter in her grandmothers drawer, embarks on a trip to Italy to track down the mystery sender. She’s accompanied by her long-term best friend Ed who is having troubles of his own with his wife. A nice read, a bit boring and long-winded in places. I rated it three stars. 
When life gives you lemons // Fiona Gibson
This wouldn’t have been my usual read, but I gave it five stars – because it was the easy, witty read I needed. I raced through this one as it was a bit of a background book. Y’know those TV shows that you can have on in the background but still catch the gist? That type.
Viv is a menopausal lady with an older boy away from home and Izzy, her seven year old. Her husband, she discovers, is having an affair – they try to make it work, but he still chooses the other woman. Bring in the omelette, the Google stalking and finally…. the dashing young man to make everything better!

I started Ask Again, Yes by Mary Beth Keane on boxing day but unfortunately didn’t finish it within 2020 – so I’ll report back on that in my January round up!

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