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7 space saving en-suite bathroom ideas

Want to add an en-suite to your bedroom, but don’t have much space to work with? It’s possible to add an en-suite bathroom to pretty much any sized bedroom by exploring space-saving bathroom ideas.

Below are 7 examples of ways in which you may be able to fit an en suite into your bedroom.

Divide with a thin stud wall

A brick wall takes up a lot of space. Consider opting for a thin stud wall instead when dividing your bathroom and bedroom. This isn’t just more compact, but also a cheaper option. The drawback of these walls is that they still allow a lot of sound to pass through.

Opt for a corner sink

Corner sinks are ideal for squeezing into small spaces.  While there are cheap and basic metal options, there are also many stylish ceramic sinks that you can look into. Floating corner basins can hang over a toilet, although you should make sure there’s still enough room to sit.

Consider an all-in-one sink/toilet

Some toilets now have sink basins built into the cistern. This frees up the need for a separate toilet and sink. Water used when washing your hands is also recycled and used for flushing, helping to conserve water and save you money on your water bill. 

Conceal the toilet cistern in the wall

It’s possible to hide the toilet cistern in the wall of your bedroom. This allows the toilet bowl to be positioned further back, which could allow you to work more easily with a shallower space. Buttons can be installed on the wall to flush these toilets. Just bear in mind that such toilets can be more expensive/tricky to install and repair. 

Hang a mirror on the door

Haven’t got space for a mirror on any of the walls? Why not install a mirror on the bathroom door of your en suite bathroom? The inside of the bathroom could alternatively be used to install hooks for or robes or rails for towels. Avoid hanging anything too heavy on it so as to not damage the hinges. 

Install a shower cabin

You may not be able to cram a tub into a tiny en suite, but there should be room for a shower. In fact, a shower cabin could take up half the floor space of a bath. You don’t even have to place a shower cabin in a separate room – some people install one in the corner of their bedroom. Just make sure that there is suitable extraction for moisture.

Create a wet room

Another solution is to turn the entire bathroom into a wet room. This allows you to essentially place a toilet and sink within a shower cubicle, making it a multi-purpose space. Wet rooms admittedly aren’t very glamorous, but they do allow you to squeeze all the bathroom facilities you need into a tiny space. Of course, you won’t be able to keep towels or appliances like hair-dryers in here and will need to make sure the whole space is thoroughly water-proofed.