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A letter to Sofia, as you start Year One

So here we go; it’s the night before you go back to school after a fun filled, action packed holiday and you’re about to start Year One. How have you done a whole year of big school already?!

I can clearly remember the lead up to you starting Year R this time last year, I absolutely dreaded it; just the thought of you putting on your uniform got that huge lump appearing in my throat and I dreaded it so much more than you’ll ever know.
After spending every Thursday and Friday together, I thought I wouldn’t be able to send you off through those gates quick enough but in reality – I was going to miss you. We would never get those days back again. It really was the end of an era; my baby was growing up.

Sofia Year 1
Sofia Year 1

Yet, you transitioned so well. I couldn’t be more proud of you, and I probably don’t show or tell you that enough. You have the ability to just take everything in your stride and I take that for granted and sometimes forget you are five and all of your little achievements mean so much to you – as they do to me and daddy.
You have become a confident, cheeky, school girl, making new friends and taking on new routines head on (apart from cottage pie and pizza Wednesdays, you’re not embracing that one), yet you still have that glimmer of shyness about you. The vulnerability.

Not a day went by when you didn’t want to go to school, you miss your friends at the weekends and look forward to going in on a Monday morning. I really hope this excitement and continues well into your school life.
I know you get tired as the week goes on and it’s no surprise as you’re at after school club three times a week with a swimming lesson bolted on to one of those days.

Sofia Year 1

You arrived at Year R with no idea how to read, write or meet new groups of friends. Now you can read some words, do some maths, write sentences and you’ve got your own little mean girls squad going on. You’re helpful around the classroom and your teachers say you’re a great pupil in class.
You’re suddenly so grown up, yet when you’re shattered at the end of a long week and you’re laid on the sofa with little nutbrown hare, my little baby girl’s back. Of course I want you to grow and excel, but for me, seeing my first born baby grow up so quickly is so bittersweet. It’s too much for your wetty mum to handle sometimes at just how independent you’re getting!

It’s been so lovely to have spent these extra days with you during the summer holidays and with lots of help from grandparents we’ve survived those long six weeks. I got my little sidekick back again and I didn’t have to do that dreaded school run.
But I did forget just how hard it was having two of you together again, how much you wind each other up but more importantly, how much food you eat.


It’s funny because I feel almost as emotional tonight as I did last year. Sure we know the routine of the school, the teachers, you have your little group of friends in your class and those that you play with in the playground and at club. But there’s still a new teacher and TA for you to bond with, to learn their way and them to learn your quirks, there’s new class friends to make and the learning through play will slowly be phased out, to be replaced with a bit more work.
You’ve had six weeks off and we all know how long that feels, I really hope you adjust back to the daily routine quickly and settle back in easily.
We’ve had a fab time over the Summer holidays, but now I sit here worrying that we’ve packed too much in in a determination to keep you occupied and not let you get bored and actually maybe we’ve just worn you out, not spent enough one on one quiet time together. I feel guilty that you’ve been shipped off to grandparents on my working days and aside from our family holiday you haven’t had any time with just me or daddy.

Sofia Year 1

I’ve got no doubt that you’re going to ace this year, just like you did last year.
Just remember, whatever happens we will always be super proud of you and all that you do.
Love you to the sun, the moon and round the stars again and again.
Love, Mummy xxxx