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drinking water

Drink more water with these three tips!

Drinking water should be so easy, but if you’re anything like me you struggle to stay hydrated with H20! However, I know it’s so important for overall health if you can drink water daily. This helps you stay hydrated and does many other scientific things in your body to maintain normal functions. When you don’t get enough water, you start seeing a variety of health concerns. Headaches are frequent, you lose energy and you tend to feel hungry too!

Here are three tips to remove the struggles and encourage you to drink more H2O every single day, this is what I’ve been trying to get started…

Buy a reusable bottle

Often, we don’t drink enough water because we have none near us. We can’t be bothered to keep buying bottles of the stuff while we’re out, so we just don’t drink it. Solve this issue by getting a reusable bottle to carry with you everywhere. It should be big enough to hold a lot of water, letting you sip on it throughout the day. 

If you ever find somewhere to fill the bottle up, do it! Try to get through the entire bottle two or three times a day to really get your water consumption up. 

Make water taste nicer

Let’s be honest, we don’t drink water because it can taste a bit bland. Especially if you drink tap water from a reusable bottle – it has a weird taste to it sometimes. To solve this, you need to make water taste a lot nicer. There’s a website you can visit to get a water filter for your drinking water at home, which should instantly make it taste better. If this still doesn’t satisfy you, consider adding flavourings to your water.

Nowadays, there are lots of companies offering products to enhance the flavour of your water without adding too much sugar to it. Check them out, give them a go, and you will start drinking a lot more water daily.

Set reminders on your phone

If you are really struggling to drink water, you need to remind yourself to do so. Set some ongoing reminders that pop up on your phone throughout the day. Every hour, there should be a notification telling you to drink some water. It’s a very simple way of encouraging you to keep sipping on your bottle regularly. 

Slowly but surely, it should become second nature to you. As a result, you can maybe stop setting these reminders as it’s ingrained in your brain to constantly drink water. 

You see, it’s not difficult to adjust your daily habits to drink more water. This will be a massive health benefit that improves many aspects of your life. If you’re trying to eat less, water can help you feel full and stop cravings between meals. If you always get headaches or feel tired, water can make you more hydrated, which may prevent these issues. 

All you need to do is follow a simple three-step process: 

  1. Buy a reusable water bottle to sip on throughout the day
  2. Make your water taste nicer, encouraging you to drink more of it
  3. Set reminders to ensure you don’t forget to drink