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Early warning signs that your roof is in desperate need of repair

We tend to think of buildings as being permanent features of the landscape. But, over time, the weather slowly degrades them. 

Water gets into the rafters underneath and the entire structure begins to fall apart. Noticing that your roof has a problem, though, isn’t always easy. You might just put down certain events to “chance” or “fluke” when, actually, they’re a sign that you need to renovate fast.
Light Coming Through The Roof
Light shouldn’t come through your roof and into your attic space, even on a bright, clear day. But if you have problems with your roof, it might. For instance, you might notice a shaft of light entering your home that illuminates the floor beneath. 
If light is coming through, it usually means damage to some of your roofing materials. Check the tiles first. Usually, holes mean that they are cracked, broken or chipped. You should also check for damage to the roof lining and rafters. Usually, you don’t need to replace the entire roof, so long as you fix the problem before rot has a chance to set in. 
Sagging Roofline
The top of roofs should follow a straight line at the highest point. But when rafters age, the entire roof can begin to sag, creating a saddle shape in the middle. Typically, roof sagging results from excessive moisture or damp being able to enter your home. Rafters become wet and then begin to twist and warp due to the weight of tiles above. 
A sagging roofline requires removing all of the existing tiles and then redoing the timberwork, which can be expensive. To prevent sagging from occurring in the future, you need to make sure that your roof can adequately drain water at all times, this means getting a company like Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning SALISBURY to clean the drainage gutters. In addition, you should be carrying out roof maintenance or gutter repairs when you notice a loose tile or gutter section. This can help prevent water from pooling.
Damage To Flashing
Flashing is a construction term for everything on your roof that protrudes from the main roofline, usually chimneys. These exposed areas are usually the first to degrade because they are less protected from the elements. But they can also lead to tremendous problems with the rest of your roof by allowing moisture to enter. 
So if you notice that the brickwork around your chimney is crumbling, get a contractor to come and fix it as soon as possible. Usually, it just requires adding new mortar to the brickwork, instead of replacing the entire structure. 
Leaks In the Attic
Another warning sign that something is seriously wrong is leaks in the attic. Leaks aren’t always completely obvious. Many times, they take the form of subtle trickles that make their way down your walls and onto the floorboards below.
Next time you are in your attic or loft, check for dark streaks and patches on the floor. If you notice any, get your roof inspected for a possible cause.
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