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How can you relieve pressure of your passing?

They say that the only ones who suffer from the death of a family or friend are the ones who are still living. This is something that many people can relate to, as they may have a young family who need their mother or father. So how as a parent, can you help to take some of this pressure off your family?

Planning for your passing is at first, a strange and unsettling task but I personally want to have an idea of what I would like, and plan to an extent, to relieve the pressure of what my family need to do so they can grieve and mourn and not have to be dealing with arrangements. 
Select the burial location
If you’re having a burial, as opposed to a cremation, it’s an idea to decide where you want to be buried. Maybe it’s on a hill that is important to you, perhaps it’s close to a place which you found to be peaceful like a field, river or by the sea. Working with professionals services who can do these types of burials is the only way you can make this happen.
Should you, unfortunately, pass away, they can plan the burial in the exact way you have instructed them to do. They have professionals that can guide guests toward the burial site, webcast the burial service for those who cannot make it as well as keeping an orderly manner for how the burial is actually done. 

Select the flowers
Flowers are often an important symbol at funerals, they show respect as well as being a symbol of vibrant life and it’s also something we connect with. So choose the types of flowers you would like to be placed on top of your coffin and at the gravesite as well. This will also help the family members as you can give only them the permission required to place these flowers at your site. This special permission is to make their flowers and their love stand out from the crowd who may also be bringing their own flower bouquets.
Special mentions
Most people have an idea of what they would want to be said at their own funeral. Maybe it’s mentioning the work they did for the community, helping their children and joyfully celebrating the love they shared with their spouse. But, write this down now. In case something does happen, your loved ones won’t be forced to think something up on the spot. Your lasting message can be read out by someone of your choosing or by the burial professionals.
Sort out finances
In case you do pass away suddenly, your family should not be left scratching their head as to what to do with your finances. It’s odd and a little tough to face, but writing out a financial will is going to be another very important thing you leave your family with. 
*This is a collaborative post. (It’s not my usual subject, but an important one all the same.)