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Embracing smart home technology / 4 benefits of home automation

Are you considering upgrading your home to smart automation, but you’re not sure if there are any benefits or reasons to do so other than simply keeping up with the times? While smart home devices can be a way of integrating the newest and latest technology into your home, there are also many benefits for homeowners who choose to integrate this technology.

There are many different devices and hubs you can use to help you improve your home and make it better to live in, with some or even all of the following benefits.

Increased Security

Home automation can help you increase home security options. From connecting smart doorbells to video cameras and motion sensor lights, having all of your security options rigged to one centralised hub can offer you greater options and flexibility over what you use and when.

Let’s say you won’t be home for the night unexpectedly. If you have smart technology throughout your home, you can mimic the actions of people in the house. You can turn lights on and off, install a smart plug to turn the TV or radio on and use motorised blind tracks to help you open and close blinds as if you were home.

Increased Savings

Appliances that are connected to a smart home hub allow you to adjust settings and loads based on your energy usage manually. You can use an app to turn off appliances or even the heating when out of the house if you accidentally leave it on or you want to warm the house up before you come home. Or you can set up automation to help manage your usage and costs without having to keep monitoring. With a smart thermostat, you can adjust your heating controls and automatically turn your system on and off, allowing you to monitor how much you are spending.

Remote Control

Being able to control various home functions via the remote control or your app means you can experience greater comfort and accessibility. If you have your hands full getting the kids to sleep upstairs, for example, but you need to turn the lights off downstairs. You can do this at the push of a button or a simple voice command to help make life easier. You can reprogram your washing machine to start at various times, hook up your robot vac, set controls for it to run at predetermined times and so on. The remote-controlled features can help you to make your life easier and more accessible by removing the need for you to perform certain functions physically.

Improved Sale Value

A fully integrated smart home can be extremely enticing to buyers should you decide to sell your home. Surveys have found that millennials especially would be willing to pay just over £2,000 more for a house or property that is fully kitted out with smart features. And more people would be tempted to commit to buying a home should this already be installed as it would save them the need to do this themselves.

There are many benefits of embracing smart technology in your home, from increasing scalability to helping you bring in new appliances when needed to control functions and features to reduce energy bills, increase security and make your home more accessible. Whether you start small or you fully convert to smart devices and appliances, you can begin to see the benefits instantly.