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Excuses, excuses | The first trimester

I write this blog from the comfort of my couch in my fat pants, blubbing along to X factor. Thank god its back….another weekend I can pretend I’m busy with my ‘friends’. Tonight those friends are Dermot, Simon, Louis, Nicole and Shazza.
You see this will stay a draft posting, because Prosecco Mum is off the proseccs for the next thirty weeks. A Prosecco baby is due to make an appearance…but for now it’s a secret.
Suddenly I’ve got really busy doing stuff with any other people that aren’t asking me what I’m doing and if I’m free. I forgot what a ballache this first ‘secret’ trimester is…especially when you usually love a glass of fizz and a vogue.
For someone who likes to indulge in prosecco and jagers; going out and not doing either is not possible. Add to the fact I have the worst poker face on the planet, and who falls for the antibiotic story anymore?!
Just two more weeks to go and all can finally be revealed. Then just six more months of sobriety to go….