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Still Growing | Renting Furniture Is Better Than Buying

Growing families will typically wear out their living room sofa within a decade, and your mattress even sooner.  If your children are anything like my gruesome twosome, they’ll be full of energy, jumping and running from sofa to sofa until the springs start to wear out. Playing ‘the floor is the crocodile ridden sea’ takes the bounce out of mattresses and chairs. Don’t even get me started on the chocolate handprints on the sofa.
Instead of compromising style for practicality, have you ever considered renting furniture for your home?

A fresh dinnertime

Dinnertime is never dull when you have a growing family, kids seem to get more food on their clothes and chairs than in their mouths….unless you’re mine, they tend not to spill a drop! Did you know that you can rent dining room furniture and not have to shell out hundreds of pounds to buy a set that doesn’t suit your family’s needs? Bear in mind that buying that dining table and chairs when you have just one child may not be practical if you decide to have more children.
Renting dining room furniture doesn’t just mean that you can cater for practicality but also try different styles. Whether modern, industrial, minimalist, Scandinavian – all styles have their own perks, so it’s great to be able to try them all out before choosing one that will stay in the home.

Sleep on it

You may be planning on having one more child but the nightmare could be that – you fall pregnant with twins…or more! It’s bizarre buying a bed for children that are yet to be born but you can get a bed for a reasonable price on contract from a company like Nationwide Contract Beds. Pick from a range of mattresses, bed sheets, backboards and more. Is it cheaper to buy two separate single beds or just a double bed for children of similar ages? Sofia has her heart completely set on a cabin bed, which we’ve promised her when she starts school

Living room morphing

Buying your very first sofa when having your first child or moving into your new home is something many of us go through. If you’re not 100% sure whether the style you’re buying for now will fit the next house you move into, you might want to look into renting a sofa that fits your needs for now. You can choose the kind of sofa you want to fit your seating arrangement.
You can pick a sofa for the kids that is made of fabric so that they can be a little rough and messy without causing too much harm. For the ‘grown ups’, you can have a more comfortable high-end leather sofa instead. Mix it up a bit and don’t stick to just one permanent buy when it’s so easy to change your mind a few months/year down the line!

Have you ever rented furniture for your home?