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Male wedding attire: how to dress your (fashion blind!) significant other

Sometimes, the man in our life could benefit from a little support, especially when it comes to their dress sense! When we attend an event such as a wedding, choosing the right outfit for them can be a difficult task because we need to balance the style, the formalities of the occasion, but also choose something that aligns with their fashion tastes (however little they may actually have)! So let’s show you a few simple things about how male wedding guests should dress so they can make a lasting impression.

Decode the Invitation First

The invitation should specify the appropriate attire for the event. If the invitation mentions a specific formal dress code, we have to adhere to it. We can always benefit from sticking to the more formal side of things because this is always expected. Even if the happy couple are the most unconventional people you will ever meet, there’s always going to be those wearing men’s suits to ensure that they are dressing for the event. If there is no specific guide on the invitation, we can gain some form of insight based on the venue itself. If it’s in a church or an up-market location, it’s best to stick to the suit.

The Shirt and Tie Etiquette

When selecting both should and type, it might be worth guiding the man in our lives into the right combination of the two. It doesn’t just have to be a white shirt and silk tie; however, timeless this may be. But if the wedding has a more relaxed atmosphere, we can go for different types of shirts, for example, a nice spotted navy shirt that always looks great with a suit jacket and with no time. Adding that touch of individuality can make all of the difference.

The Right Type of Shoes

We all know that a great pair of shoes is an excellent finisher for a wedding suit. Black or brown leather boots or shoes are safe bets but no matter how much the man in your life is asserting the fact that trainers are okay, this is absolutely a no-go unless the dress code mentions it specifically.

The Appropriate Accessories

Accessorising is critical to refining the outfits. A pocket square is one of those oft-used components that can add a touch of personality without overshadowing the dress sense of the happy couple. When it comes to accessories, not many men think outside the box, but a couple of methods to accentuate what they’re already wearing can go a long way.

Being Weather Appropriate

Some of us are always keen to switch up our look, depending on the weather and this is worth addressing for the man in your life. Summer weddings and light fabrics such as cotton are a perfect combination and during the colder months, a thick blazer looks very fetching.

These are just a few simple things that can help your man strike the right balance between style and formality. It’s always worth remembering too that, as essential as it is to look great, we should never overshadow the wedding party!

*This is a collaborative post