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photo of an abandoned workspace

Mess causes stress | Let’s declutter the home

Do you get stressed when your home looks like a complete mess? You’re not alone. A lot of us feel exactly the same way when their home resembles a tip! 

First, you might have kids and kids don’t really understand what’s wrong with a little mess. This means that they’ll leave items lying around everywhere. Before long, you’ll just have to get used to stepping on pieces of lego and smaller toys.  But – you don’t have to live like this and there are ways to get rid of the clutter!
Start using unused spaces
We bet there are quite a few unused spaces in your property. Or at least, they are likely to be underutilised. Popular examples will include the loft, the basement and if you have one – the garage. These are all storage spaces, but we don’t use them for this. Instead, we treat them as a place to pile junk that we don’t need but we’re not quite at the point that we’re ready to get rid of it. Or is that just me?! A key recommendation is always going to be sorting these spaces out and making sure that they don’t become a bigger problem in your home. 
Rent a storage space
You may want to consider using an exterior storage space away from your home. This is a good choice if you find that you have a lot of excess furniture which is clogging up your home. By using a self storage, you’ll be able to free up space in your property. 
Aim for minimal
Finally, one of the best things about removing clutter and mess from your home is that you’ll instantly make it look more stylish. Who doesn’t love a minimal design?! Think about what each space in your home needs and remove what it definitely doesn’t. For instance, there should only be enough seats for everyone in your home to sit down. Extra seats can be brought out when/if you do have guests over. 
*This is a collaborative post.