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My Happy Moments | February 2020

The shortest month of the year gave me lots of happy moments. There were lots of ordinary moments too, but in the words of Brene Brown ‘Joy comes to us in ordinary moments. We risk missing out when we get too busy chasing down the extraordinary’…

champagne glasses

Booked our girls break

The famous five are due to be united…and we’re off on an adventure, we’ve booked our girls weekend!
No, we’re not off to Vegas to gamble our dollars or strip off under the Ibizian sun – we’re packing up and heading for two nights to Sandy Balls…no that’s not a euphemism, it’s genuinely a real place.
I cannot wait for 48 hours of catching up, laughs, lie-ins and drinking fizz in our hot tub!

Sofia’s 6th birthday

So our firstborn baby turned six. How is that possible!? Six sounds so old, yet when I was looking through old photos, those long sleepless nights felt like only yesterday…
She had eight of her girlfriends to a Build-A-Bear party followed by lunch at Pizza Express. It was so amazing to see her so happy, making little jokes and all laughing together. Such special times and proud mummy moments!

group of children at build a bear

Getting healthy

So, I’m not fat by any means, but I’m chubbier than I’d like. It’s 100% the bad baguette lunches and numerous Domino’s and kebabs – I’ve loved every calorie but it had to stop. So, halfway through February was the time…and two weeks in, I’m feeling a lot better.
I’m also upping my water intake and drinking at least one litre a day. Which I’ve never achieved before!

Splashing in Storm Dennis!

I was tasked with walking my parents dogs whilst they were away, and it just so happened to be the day that Storm Dennis arrived in town! But, we chucked out waterproofs on and headed out.
The kids ran hand-in-hand through the fields reenacting Peppa and George crossed with the ‘splish splosh’ of the Bear Hunt swamp walk. They laughed and laughed so hard that I thought they were going to wet themselves. [They may well have, it was so wet that I wouldn’t have noticed]

storm dennis

A ‘gratitude’ card from my unromantic husband

By now you’ve probably realised that Stuart would definitely win the award for ‘least romantic man in the world’ – so imagine my surprise to return home to a handwritten note with more than just ‘To Jess, Love Stuart’ in it.
I may have even shed a tear. [Definitely did]

A girls night out for an old gal!

One of my friends turned 40, and amongst her glitz and glam plans we managed to arrange a night out. And what great fun we had!
We laughed until our sides split – we drank, drank some more, danced a bit and then drank some more…eventually rolling in at 3.3oam.
It was a true joy to be woken by the kids three hours later…

hengistbury head

A weekend of walking

Before normality of school resumed, we used our last weekend of half term to head out and about. Saturday we ventured to Hengistbury Head where we did a three mile round trip splashing in puddles and eating lots of snacks along the way.
The Sunday saw us attempt the Bucklers Hard to Beaulieu walk, but we only managed half of it before heading back to The Master Builders  for a drink and a dessert. The kids jumped, kicked and splashed in all the puddles the recent weather has ‘blessed’ us with and they had the most amazing time in ‘Puddletown’…thank god for waterproofs!