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More money for fun – 4 stellar strategies

Fun – there seems to be precious little of it around at the moment doesn’t there? The good news is that brighter days are on the way!

It goes without saying that as soon as it’s safe to, we’ll want to get out and about with the family and have some entertainment. That is why I’m looking at ways to save and generate some extra money now! 
Side hustles 
There are so many side hustles to choose from these days. Of course, this is a good thing because it means that you can find something that will bring in some extra  income, and that you will enjoy as well. 

Smart side hustle ideas for busy mums include selling handmade crafts and items on Etsy and providing academic or music tutoring over Zoom. Or even personalised prints. Although, blogging is a pretty good option too! 😉
Sometimes all we need to raise some much-needed family fun money is to cut back a little on our every day spending.
Easier said than done, I know! I find the best approach here is making small, gradual changes rather than big ones, as the latter can be hard to manage when you have a young family to take care of.  Things such as batch cooking lunches, rather than buying ready made options can save you a pretty penny. Also learning to do some basic home and car maintenance can help keep things ticking over without eating into your fun money.
Saving is the name of the game here, but the big problem with saving accounts is that they don’t tend to offer much in the way of interest. Most people will be lucky to find one offering above 3% at the moment. 
Investing your money can be a much better way of maximising it in the medium to longer term. Fortunately investing is no longer only the domain of those in pinstriped shirts and briefcases! With companies such as SoFi you can buy and invest in shares for as little as $5. 
With trading platforms like MetaTrader 4 regular folks like us can trade with ease. Such platforms even offer trading across a range of markets including cryptocurrency, forex and indexes which means you can spread your investments, maximise returns, and grow your fun money with ease. 
Credit cards 
Now, I’m not suggesting for one second that you pay for fun trips like zoo days, and visit a theme park on your credit card, as that can be a very slippery slope. However, there is one way in which your credit card can help you raise more funds for family fun! 

Make sure you do all you can to pay off any credit card debt that you have, now. The interest rate is usually so high with credit cards, so paying them off sooner rather than later means you can save a great deal of money. Then all you need to do is take the money you would have paid out and pop in the fun time piggy bank! 
*This is a collaborative post.