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My August 2022 Joy!

August 2022. Wow, if we thought July was hot – August was something else as we enjoyed the French climate, rapidly followed by the Spanish sun on our Summer Holiday adventures. It was hard to sum up the August joy as we felt incredibly lucky to be out of reality for such a long time!

Sunshine Breakfasts

This is a pretty random one, but sunshine breakfasts have really brought me a lot of joy this month!

A bowl of granola bursting with blueberries and strawberries, enjoyed on our sunfilled Spanish balcony has been a real win.

Love of reading

Ah, August has been phenomenal for my reading bug. Any quiet moment I’ve had has seen me Kindle in hand absorbed into a fictional world.

You can check out my Summer Reads here.

Vitamin Sea

Getting out and about in nature, we all know, is good for the soul. And what’s better than being outside in the sunshine, listening to the waves as the sand nestles between your toes.

Luckily, we have had a lot of time to recharge beach-side through August.

Meeting up with friends

As our Summer travels were coming to an end, on our travel back through France we took a detour to meet up with our friends.

We enjoyed a fun few days jam packing as much as we could in, and catching up on six weeks away from ‘real life’. It was great for us as we got a break from the kids, and amazing for them to be reunited with their besties before the reality of school began in a few days.