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Spending most of your time stressed? | Here are some tips for unwinding

If you’re anything like me, then you’ll probably spend quite a lot of time feeling pretty stressed out. I’m not saying stress is a new thing but in recent years, there’s a whole heap of things that have popped up that can make todays life a bit more hectic than it used to be! We’re constantly plugged into the world, and can be 24/7 if we choose to. We’re connected to our jobs because our work email is right there, we try to keep up with friends on social media and we always get to hear the latest (and most depressing) world news as it happens.

It’s great living in this modern decade but we do all need to unwind from time to time, so here are a few of my suggestions on ways to do just that!

  • Turn at least one room in your home into a relaxing and pretty place, and steal a few slow-paced moments there from time to time

If your home is chaotic, you’re going to feel far more stressed out than you need to, so if you can turn at least one room in your home into a relaxing and pretty place, that can go a long way towards helping you to chill out a bit. Then, whenever you steal a rare childfree second, retreat into that room, and steal a few slow-paced moments of relaxation – or set it up as your reading room. Set up some wax melts, or essential oils, grab a blanket and chill. 

  • Find ways to inject a bit of fun and fulfilment into those moments you wouldn’t normally enjoy

We all have to do various things in life that we don’t exactly enjoy (for me, it’s definitely Monday evening swimming lessons!!) and sometimes the sheer mind numbing nature of these tasks can bring us down. Something I’ve been trying to do more of lately is get a bit creative about these mundane tasks and activities – so if I’m hoovering the house, instead of huffing and puffing, I’ll whack the music up and dance about whilst doing it (bonus points for exercise too right?!) and whilst those sweaty swimming lessons are, well sweaty, I have now downloaded the Audible app on my phone and listen to an audiobook while watching Sofia bobbing up and down like a dot at the other side of the pool.

  • Reframe how you think of things – take pride in your accomplishments, no matter how small, instead of resenting what you don’t have

Some interesting psychological research has shown that people who view stressful events as ‘challenges’ instead of ‘catastrophes’ are more emotionally resilient and happier in general. It was Stuart that actually said to me instead of looking at something ‘negatively’ put a positive on it….‘OK you didn’t get that X this time, but look at all the things you have got’  – and it’s so true, we’re often striving for the next bigger and better thing and not actually taking pride in our daily accomplishments. So for me, it’s time to adopt personal responsibility for the situations I’m in, and finding solutions for them.

What are you go to things to stop you getting so stressed out in the day-to-day parenting life?