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Three ways to boost your income by using your laptop

Extra income is always appreciated and often needed. Whether the boilers suddenly given up just in time for the colder nights, or you want a bit more money for prosecco or gin. There’s plenty of things to spend extra cash on!

You don’t have to depend on breaking down and scrutinising your current income each month to afford what you need bit by bit. With your laptop, and wifi, on hand there are other ways to boost your income and buy the things you want and need….

Start A Blog
People love reading blogs from people across the world. From how-to guides to life lessons. And the much loved before and after pictures and content across beauty and interior blogs. You can begin a blog about just about anything.  If you’re passionate about managing your money, or you want to share your journey as a parent online – do it! Blogs with regular, quality, authentic content, when marketed well, receive views.
Popular blogs attract companies who pay bloggers to sample their product and review it, or pay them to add a guest post to their blog –  a bit like I’m doing now! Creating a successful, lucrative blog takes time. And so, this idea is best reserved for people who are passionate about the idea of writing online. I started out because I loved writing, and still do. Making anything extra is really just a bonus.
Payday Loans
For urgent occasions, when you might need a boost in your income, Payday lenders can help you. Payday lenders online can process the information you’ve provided. And decide whether to lend to you in less than a minute. So, if you do get really desperate, and there’s no other option, a payday loan could really help you for a short term basis.  I would definitely advise this to be the last thing you try as the payback rates are extortionate if not paid back in the agreed (short) term. 
Advertise A Spare Room 
Spare rooms in most homes tend to compromise of junk that people in the house barely use or need. Or a guest room, for that one relative that comes to stay every other year.  As an alternative money-making solution for your extra rooms, why not make money by listing it on websites such as Airbnb? You can decide when you’re happy for people to stay and set your price too. 
It’s a great way to make extra money and take control of your finances, not to mention you get to meet new people too. If you live somewhere desirable for holidaymakers, all the better, and all the more money for you!
With a speedy internet and a working laptop, there’s plenty of opportunities for you to begin boosting your income. Whether starting a blog or renting a room online, you can make extra money to put in your emergency fund or a future holiday away.
*This is a collaborative post.