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Working Mother

Having a baby was a shock. It was a job I wasn’t even sure I would be very good at, so when it came to leaving the job where I’d been for nearly five years to embark on my maternity leave was beyond scary.

Sofia was barely a month old when I started planning my first ‘Keep In Touch’ day, I wanted to get back into the working saddle. And did I mention I’m a control freak? Handing over work to my cover brought me out in sweats.
So I did my 10 allocated KIT days, a few extra working from home and when Sofia was 8 months old I skipped into work and commenced my old faithful job. I couldn’t wait to get back into office life; I felt like me again. I didn’t talk about babies, sick or poo, I was just me again. An adult with a real name not just ‘Mummy’.
Does it make me a bad mum? Well, I know for sure that the four days I have with her, I love her a whole lot more than if she was clinging to my side seven¬†days a week. [Plus my bank balance and waistline couldn’t take many more Costa millionaires shortbreads and lemon tarts].