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A quick guide to making your home more environmentally friendly

When you’re trying to settle into your home, there are a lot of things you should consider working on. It’s difficult to justify large renovations if you’re not planning on sticking around, but once you’ve moved somewhere you’re confident you’re going to live for some time – it’s time to start thinking about your possibilities. If there’s one thing that’s worth investing in, it’s making your home more environmentally friendly, as not only does it save you money – the longer you make use of these features, the more money you’re saving. Consider them an investment, that’s going to pay off the longer you’re living there.

Renew your insulation

If you’re not living in a new building, then there’s a chance that your insulation was installed using dated materials and methods. While they might have been the standard or even quality option at the time, your insulation might not be as effective as modern insulation installations are. This means that every year, you’re bleeding money on trying to effectively regulate the temperature in your home. This burns up a lot of unnecessary energy, and it’s not great for the environment. Instead, having your insulation updated, and replacing your windows can help to maintain the temperature in your home, making it easier and cheaper to regulate all throughout the year.

You might not have considered it, but your windows are a major part of your insulation, and if you’ve got dated windows with single glazing – then you’re losing a lot of heat. Upgrading to double glazing or even triple glazing not only helps to keep the temperature in your home but will also help with soundproofing – keeping outdoor noises outside.

Use sustainable energy

Oftentimes people will look at the prices for things like solar panels and reconsider their options, and while it’s true that the initial installation can be pricey – it can also be a money-saver if you make use of them for long enough. Using these sustainable energy sources from places such as All Seasons Energy will help you cut down your overall energy waste, and you’ll notice that you spent less money on electricity each month. It’s not going to pay for itself straight away, but as you use it, you’ll notice that your money has been paid back after a few years – and from then it’s saving you money while making your energy usage more environmentally friendly.

Update your lights

As mentioned before, living in an old building will often mean that what you’re working with is very dated, and this can apply to your appliances, too. Your lights in particular might be using far more energy than necessary, and upgrading them to more modern bulbs will significantly increase your efficiency. Modern bulbs can use energy much more efficiently, saving you money in the process. Not only are your bulbs easy to replace, but they’re very cheap and if this is something you’re behind on, you shouldn’t hesitate to get some new bulbs for your home as soon as possible.

*This is a collaborative post.