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A typical week in the life of a weaning baby | Arlo at 11 months

Arlo started weaning at 4.5 months on advice from our HV/GP due to his reflux. So, he’s been fully weaned on three meals a day, plus heaps of snacks (our family are the king of snacks so he was bound to follow suit) since six months old.
To be honest I tended to give him ‘the basics’ homemade but I did rely on ‘pre-prepared’ pouches and jars alot. Now he’s a complete pro we mix it up a bit more so I thought I’d share a typical eating week in the life of Arlo at 11 months. He has 4oz of milk morning and night, water throughout the day.
This was Arlo’s menu from last week:
Breakfast |  A small handful of dry Cheerios while I got his and Sofia’s breakfast ready – he’s super impatient so I’ve learnt this is the best distraction method. He then had shreddies with warm milk and half a slice of toast with strawberry jam
Lunch | Homemade pasta with a courgette, carrot and passata sauce. Mini cheese cubes and mini breadsticks.
Dinner | Little Dish cottage pie followed by a small strawberry yoghurt.
Snacks | Strawberries, Melon, handful of Pom Bear crisps [may also have demolished a couple of biscuits]
Breakfast |  Weetabix with warm milk
Lunch | Took it back to an old classic with cheesy veg – carrots, broccoli, sprouts, swede, potatoes…and lots of cheese
Dinner | Mashed potato with beans. A simple classic. Followed by a Mr Kipling Angel slice for pudding – that was gone in seconds!
Snacks | Strawberries, Raspberries. Chocolate brioche.

Wednesday | Nursery Day
Breakfast |  Cheerios with warm milk.
Lunch | Thai green curry with rice
Dinner | Ham sandwich, carrots, grapes
Snacks | Banana, Raisins, Apple, Crumpet
Breakfast |  Cheerios with warm milk. Half a slice of toast with butter.
Lunch | Ham and laughing cow sandwich thin, yoghurt topped rice cake, strawberries and melon.
Dinner | Egg fried rice with ham, mushrooms, peas and olives. Raspberry yoghurt.
Snaks | Boiled carrots. Pom bear. Biscotti biscuits. 
Breakfast |  Shreddies with warm milk. Banana.
Lunch | Pasta with cheese sauce. Grapes and satsuma (I chop these up into tiny pieces – it’s like a game to to pick them all up – and keeps him occupied for ages. Winning!
Dinner | Mashed potato, chipolate sausages and baked beans.
Snacks | Strawberries, mini breadsticks, mini jaffa cakes. 
Breakfast |  Dry Cheerios to alleviate the boredom whilst waiting for daddy to cook scrambled egg and toast
Lunch | Cut up chipolatas, crackers, cheese bites, cucummber, peppers and pom bear
Dinner | For Aisha vegetable, tomato and chickpea curry pouch mixed with boiled rice
Snacks | Lots to keep him entertained whilst we were having a pub lunch – chips, Ella’s Kitchen mini hoops and a corn on the cob. 
Breakfast |  Shreddies and warm milk. Half a bagel with peanut butter.
Lunch | Homemade pasta with a courgette, carrot and passata sauce.
Dinner | ‘Roast dinner’ – chicken, potatoes, carrots, peas and gravy. Strawberry jelly.
Snacks | Peaches in syrup (drained), melon, five smarties, choc chip brioche…and whatever he managed to steal from his sister. 
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