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Slimming World Weight Loss Journey

My 2019 Weight Loss Journey | Week 5

So this week on my weight loss journey seemed like such a bad week – y’know, one of them where you seriously consider skipping the fat shaming at the weekly Slimming World group. But what happened was a bit of a shocker – the body is sometimes a weird thing!

I was away from home over the weekend and just ate what I wanted, I was relatively good through the week (ie – I didn’t cave and order a Dominos and I also resisted both Dave the baguette man AND the office doughnuts this week) but I did have a couple of nights where I may have demolished a share bag of crisps or two. Perhaps I’m being hard on myself and actually the syns that I save throughout the day (I rarely use all 15) just balanced out?
It’s been a week of plenty of speed food and some surprisingly yum meals, when I wasn’t expecting them to be!

A few of my favourite meals this week have been….

Slimming World Weight Loss Journey

Day before weigh – picnic out with friends. Courgette, onion, ham , sweetcorn and a field mushroom all fried off in garlic with a large handful of pasta thrown in. Seriously good!

Slimming World Weight Loss Journey

Lean pork medallions topped with jalapenos and cheese and served with broccoli, sugar snaps and couscous.

Slimming World Weight Loss Journey

Chicken breast marinaded in Nando’s hot sauce, served with cauliflower rice and sweetcorn. I’m loving cauliflower rice at the moment – which is odd, as I’m not a ‘traditional’ cauliflower fan!

Slimming World Weight Loss Journey

Yum! I can’t stop banging on about how delicious this sauce was – I’m going to aim to recreate it again next week. Less than 5% fat meatballs, spaghetti and loads of cheese on top!

Slimming World Weight Loss Journey

Forgot to prepare lunch before work – so this was grab a frozen rice (I bulk freeze rice) and bag up some spinach to steam it and add soy sauce for a not-too-shabby easy work lunch.

Week Five Weigh In Results: 2lb loss.
Total Loss: 7lbs 
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