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My 2019 Weight Loss Journey | Week 4

This week started with a binge drinking session on the Friday and you know what that means? Late night cheesy chip eating and literally the whole weekend spent eating your way back to some sort of normality. So it wasn’t the best start to my weight loss week!

This week I tried to claw it back as best as I could and had another week with a variety of yummy eats – the biggest thing I discovered this week was replacing couscous for rice; I eat a lot of rice and it was starting to feel a bit heavy and same-y, so I’ve started to eat more couscous (plain) – really easy to make too, which is always a winner in my eyes.
Some of my favourite meals  from this week are below…

Quorn stirfry with Mayflower Curry Sauce

Chicken and vegetable curry with couscous. [Made using JD Seasonings Hot Curry spice].

Not one of the best – I followed the Slimming World ‘Caribbean Pepperpot Stew’ recipe but instead of frying off the beef I slow cooked it…..mistake! Flavour was great but the texture was quite chewy. Flavour saved it.

When you just want a quick not-too-heavy lunch – its a Naked Noodle kinda day and a HiFi dessert!

As always, I’ve been posting my daily eats over on my dedicated Instagram page – ProseccoMumSlims. What Slimming World inspired meals have you enjoyed this week? I’d love to hear some of your tried and tested recipes!

Week Four Weigh In Results: 0.5lb loss.
Total Loss: 5lbs 
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