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Feeding the senses in your home

What makes a home feel like it’s made to be ours? It’s not the decor – So, though they are important. For me, it’s the overall feel of the place, a mixture of seen and the unseen. If you’re trying to make a house a home, then remember to take care of the smells, sights and feels inside your four walls.
But how do you achieve this goal? I’ve listed a few ways how we’ve made the ProseccoHouse feel more well, homely!

The Right Textures

To sink into all the joys of your home, you need to have those comforting textiles loaded up in your living room! Fill your relaxing spaces with soft throws, blankets and pillows – Sofia and I love nothing more than watching movies (or in her case 10 minutes of movies before shet gets bored) under the ‘day blankets’ that adorn our sofas. And when we’re not doing that, then the throws are used for making dens. Win win for adult and child!
Our bathroom is definitely the pampering part of the house. If you’ve got a large bath waiting to sink in to, then you’ll be able to give your skin the lush treatment that’s oh so needed after a long day at work or looking after the kids. Sunday is my bath day when I get a chance there’s nothing I like to do more than get into a super hot bath with a book and transport to pure relaxation. 

Scents and Flowers

Of all the things that are overlooked when it comes to the home, I often find it’s the smell in the air. Every home has a smell; you notice it as soon as you walk through the door, my parents house smells like wet dogs from Alvin and Coco! So it’s important to make sure your home has the right kind of scents. Aromatech offer cold air diffusion technology that diffuses sweet-smelling oils throughout your property, so visit their website and give your home a fresh kind of aroma. And if you don’t want to bring technology into the home, then you can’t go too wrong with fresh flowers…even nicer if they’re a present! 
Atmospheric Lighting
Lighting is mightily important, especially in bedrooms and living rooms, the places where we like to relax. If your lighting is overly bright and harsh, then your eyes are not going to be too happy. In the words of Brick “we love lamp” and we often have lamps and sidelights on rather than the main lights in the evening, 

Bring the Outdoors In

Can you imagine if you could make your home feel like you were walking through a lush outdoor forest? While you maybe can’t go that far, or I’d be bottling that formula and making a mint. But you can add a few touches of the natural world to your home by adding natural light, placing plants throughout your home and adding accessories such as seashells in summer and pinecones in the winter. Your senses will be in overdrive!

Everything In Its Right Place

It’s possible that there is, after all, a standard view of what looks good. We try to keep our house relevatively clutter-free, which is why all kids toys are banished into the playroom wherever possible. I’m a firm believer in tidy house, tidy mind and if everything has its own place and is kept out of sight, then we’re a pretty happy house!

What special touches do you have around your home?