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Five unexpected decisions when planning a wedding

If you’re going to be tying the knot soon, there are so many different things to consider. There are so many options to explore to make the day completely unique, so have a read through the following and see if there’s anything you can add to your list!

Linen Colours

Depending on the colour scheme of the day, you’ll need to think about the table linens for the wedding breakfast. The venue you’re hiring might not supply tablecloths or they do but not in the correct shades, so you might need to buy or hire a set to suit your tastes. Although it might seem like a small touch, the colour of linens will create a picture perfect atmosphere for the wedding guests. 

Outside or Inside?

Your wedding venue might have the option for an indoor or outdoor ceremony, so make sure you ask all the questions you need. An outdoor wedding ceremony will depend on the weather so you’ll also need to consider what time of year the wedding is. If you’d prefer to get married indoors you will be able to eliminate all of the variables and know exactly how the day will play out.

Table Traumas

Avoid any unnecessary arguments by constructing your table plans carefully; you might not think it’s very important who is sat next to who, but it can have a huge effect on how much your guests enjoy the day. Don’t finalise the table plans until a few weeks before the wedding, because you never know what could change in between time. 

Order of the Day

You’ll need to decide on the order of the day in correlation with your wedding venue. Most venues will have a standard practise that you can follow, but you might want to change it up a bit depending on your personal preferences. Don’t make your wedding breakfast too late as you’ll have hungry – and drunk – guests on your hands!

Family Rooms

If your wedding venue has rooms to stay in for the evening, then you will need to offer these out to the close friends and family. Your guests won’t expect you to pay for the rooms you are staying in, so you should never feel cheeky asking for the payment for this.
Who knew tying the knot had so many factors to consider?! It’s amazing the amount of organising that goes into a simple wedding and I bet you didn’t think you’d be planning one after just turning 27 like Lauren. I got married when I was 32 and you can read about my wedding here!
*This is a collaborative post.