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Four signs he’s ready to propose | Is he going to pop the question soon?

Marriage isn’t what it used to be. In older generations, having children outside of marriage was frowned upon – little did they know that children tend to be bastards anyway, regardless of wedlock. LOLS.

Many couples with kids are unmarried and I’d hazard a guess it’s because it’s costly and takes up a lot of mind space and time. After the birth of your child when you settle into the life of motherhood, you may feel as though the commitment of marriage is unnecessary, but it would be nice. If you’re feeling that way, there’s a good chance that your significant other is feeling that way too.
You may think that your capacity for romance has dwindled with the birth of your child, but you never know, a proposal may be just around the corner. Take a look out for some of the signs that your other half may be about to pop the question! 
Questions about rings and diamonds
Many of us, especially men, have trouble with subtlety. So when they ask seemingly ‘random’ questions about ring styles and cuts, clarity and colours of diamonds they tend to do so with the subtlety of a combine harvester. If you see diamond clarity guides like this one https://yourdiamondguru.com/a-guide-to-vvs-diamonds/ pop up in your browser history, somebody has a pretty poorly kept secret. Still, try and act surprised.
Acting out of character
It’s perfectly natural to be worried when your other half starts acting out of character. If they suddenly seem nervous or distracted yet gets awkward and vague when confronted about it, it’s possible that you may assume the worst. This could be a sign that he’s considering a marriage proposal and all of the beautiful calamity that it endures. Even if you already have children together a marriage proposal may still be daunting to your partner.
He’s suddenly become a whole lot more responsible with his money
Most Dads love to splash out on their partners and kids, as well as indulging themselves in the odd splurge every now and then. However, if you’ve noticed fewer random treats for the kids and fewer ‘just because’ presents for you, this may be because he’s made a pretty big splash on something shiny and blingy, just for you. 
*This is a collaborative post.