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dining room decor

Four easy ways to add atmosphere to your dining room

The dining room is a functional space the family to eat meals together most of the time, but I believe it’s more than that. Ours is a great place for entertaining guests for dinner (read: takeaways!) or sitting having a cuppa and a gossip around, so it was an important room to try and create a nice feel to.

If you’re thinking about decorating your dining area, here are some ideas to help give it a bit of atmosphere.

Upcycled Furniture

If you’re going for an elegant, modern look in the dining room, you’ll perhaps need some high end furniture, but that can be pretty expensive and not always the best look for the style of your house. If your style is more rustic, you’re better off going with upcycled furniture instead. You can pick up some great wooden chairs and tables for cheap and second hand furniture shops or charity shops – if you’re feeling particularly fancy then another idea is to pick some scraps of fabric or even curtains to reupholster the chairs as well. Don’t worry if they don’t match, it just adds to the mix and match feel of a rustic room!

Hanging Lighting

Lighting is important when you’re decorating any room because it’s great for creating atmosphere. When lighting a dining room, nice low lighting helps create a good atmosphere. Hanging light fixtures are great for a dining room, especially scandi lights…we love Scandi in the ProseccoHouse – you can see more about our house in my ‘Corners of my Home‘ series!
Having a low hanging light above the dining table creates a more intimate atmosphere for your guests, it’s also equally as fab for rooms with high ceilings – a hanging light fixture will draw the eye downwards and make the room feel a bit smaller and cosy. 

Darker Colours

When you’re looking for interior design tips, you’ve probably noticed that people recommend lighter color palettes a lot of the time. That works for most rooms because they keep things open and airy, but that’s not the look you’re going for in the dining room. You’ve got more freedom to use darker color palettes because you’re trying to create a more intimate space for evening entertainment. Obviously, you shouldn’t go overboard and start painting the walls black but you can experiment with deep purples or blues on the walls instead. We recently painted hague blue and we absolutely love it, it’s made our room feel really cosy.

Wall Art

Once you’ve decorated the rest of the room, you can start thinking about accessories to add a little bit of extra style. Some elegant wall art is perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere – you can pick up some cheap canvases from department stores and even charity shops.