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How to make sure your home is secure

When you’re a parent, you’re usually pretty on-the-ball about the safety of your kids. We’ve all seen that notorious study, stating that a Mum could lift up a car from on top of her trapped child. That’s right, a car. However, when it comes to our homes, we sometimes relax a little about safety. You’re in the house, right, so what can go wrong?

You could benefit from being a little more safety-savvy, though, and you don’t want to end up in the awful position of being burgled, especially if it’s something that you could’ve prevented. Do you do any of these things? If you do, you might want to change things up a little!
Don’t do that lighting thing
You know what we’re talking about. So many people set their interior lights to a timer, so that they come on at a certain time every night, especially when you’re not in. Have you never watched Home Alone? If someone’s thinking about breaking into your home, they’ll be watching it, and they can see that your lights come on at specific times, and that you’re not in as a result. This is basically an invite for thieves, so try and stay away from the self-timers on your lights. Sure, it can be quite worrying to have your home in total darkness, but it may be better than advertising that you’re on holiday.
Invest in some home security
Nothing makes you look like somebody who shouldn’t be targeted quite like a pretty elaborate home security system. If people can see that you have home CCTV and a house alarm, then they may think twice about breaking in. One of the benefits of modern technology is that you can also see who is outside your home by looking at your phone, which is pretty cool, huh? Home security is not only useful for your peace of mind, but it just makes you look like somebody who keeps an eye on what is going down, which is really helpful for your safety.
Be careful about inviting people in
This is a no-brainer, but this stuff happens so regularly. Someone might tell you that they’re here to take a meter reading, but they’re actually looking at how good your home security is. This is less of an issue if you own your house – as you will know exactly who you are expecting – but it can prove to be a problem if you’re in rented accomodation. If somebody comes to your door and says that the landlord has sent them, then call up your landlord or letting agent, and tell the tradesperson to come another time when you have verified this. It could help you a lot!

So, if you want to make sure that your home is secure, follow these simple tips, and go with your gut. If you think that something is wrong, then it probably is!

*This is a collaborative post.