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My weight loss journey | This weeks eats #1

I’m one week in to my healthy eating, less crisp gorging ‘diet’ and it’s not been too bad so far – though I’ve done more meal skipping than I would have liked.

I’ve caught the dreaded Autumn cold that seems to be doing the rounds, so about two hours ago I demolished a bag of M&S cheese tasters. And I loved every second.
Here’s this weeks eats
Breakfast: I fast on my work days, so no breakfast.
Lunch: Chicken and rice soup.
Dinner: Egg Fried Rice with salt and pepper seasoned chicken, sweetcorn and mushrooms – finished off with a big drizzle of Frank’s hot sauce.
Snacks: Cherry Mullerlight. Drumstick lolly.
weight loss
Breakfast: I fast on my work days, so no breakfast.
Lunch: Couscous.
Dinner: Teppanyaki with the girls. I had an amazing steak with the rice and vegetables. I resisted the pudding and went for a coffee instead – I’ll call that a win!
Snacks: Three mint humbugs.
Breakfast: I fast on my work days, so no breakfast.
Lunch: Couscous with olives and chicken breast.
Dinner: Slow cooked gammon with sugar snap peas and chantenay carrots.
Snacks: Options hot chocolate.

Breakfast: Two fried eggs. 
 I was out and about with Arlo so I skipped lunch.
inner: ‘Grill Up’ – A rasher of bacon (with visible fat cut off), two sausages, field mushroom, black pudding, tomatoes, egg and beans – it was a beast of a dinner, I left half of the toast as a token gesture.
Snacks: I’ve resisted all evening snacks so far this week and I’m proud of myself as Stuart’s sat there munching on chocolate every night.
healthy eating
Breakfast: I wasn’t feeling great and I had to get Arlo to a class, so I didn’t have anything.
Lunch: Pasta with a small amount of grated cheese and a lot of Franks hot sauce!
Dinner: Slow cooked beef steak chilli with rice and a huge dollop of low fat sour cream and chive dip.
Snacks: Blue Riband.

Thoughts on the week: Bit of a rubbish week, so I’m looking forward to a more structured healthy eating week next week. I’ve decided to weigh myself monthly instead of weekly to see (hopefully) bigger weight losses!