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Need a new family car? Four factors to consider

Finding the right family car in many cases sounds exciting, but for many, the entire process can become tiresome and overwhelming. If this is you, rest assured you are not alone. As families grow, most people are forced to look into more spacious and practical car options that can accommodate all family members. When shopping for a new family car, one might wonder, what makes a car family-friendly?

  1. Vehicle size

While the 4×4 is currently considered the parent staple, because of how common it is, you still need to go through some introspection to figure out the size vehicle that’s best for you. 4x4s are a great option for families for a whole host of reasons. These vehicles come with higher ground clearance and lots of versatility concerning space and expansion. Luckily, if you go in for a 4×4, many models are available in several shapes and sizes, from the four-seat Mini to the 7-seater larger models. Once you figure out the perfect size, then start looking at specific brands and consider asking professionals such as Citroen dealers to guide you through your decision-making. 

  1. Safety

Besides your family headcount and how it relates to your ideal car size, most experts recommend that you choose a car that has the safety of you and your kids in mind. There are two ratings your vehicle should score wonderfully on; the NHTSA and the IIHS ratings. These two are extremely important regarding a car’s safety for children. The easiest way to know the safest cars for kids is to research the cards published by these two bodies. If your ideal car makes it to their list, that’s a great green sign. 

  1. Car seating

As a parent, you will be very familiar with using car seats and boosters. The vehicle you choose should provide you with enough space for as many of these as your family requires. Before purchasing any car, experts advise checking how many seats have anchors or latch systems. Also, for vehicles with the third row, look through the car owner’s manual to ensure that there are tether anchors on the back of the seat, on the floor, under the seat, on the ceiling, or in any other visible spot. Without this, it’ll be illegal to move around with your children.

  1. Easy cleaning

School-run family cars can be some of the messiest on the block. From sweet wrappers to torn bits of homework, something must be wiped, dusted, vacuumed, or blown away. Choose a car with surfaces that are easy to clean, from the seats to the nooks and crannies. 

Your best bet is to invest in leather upholstery, or look into vehicles with an inbuilt vacuum, to deal with quick spills. 

*This is a collaborative post.