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AD | Finding the perfect mock up templates with Design Bundles

Are you looking to spruce up the header banner on your website or find the perfect template to display your clothing or accessories range? Do you want to insert your website pages into a phone screen to show how it looks in a crisp, sharp way?

This is where mock ups and templates come in. Helping you to bring a whole new world of professional looking images and designs to your website or shop front! To be honest, I had never really had considered using these design elements – but once I had plunged myself into the world of looking, I suddenly realised that I could have been saving myself a lot of time, especially when I was looking into new items to add in to my online shop. Mock ups are a complete no brainer for any new business starting out, which I’m guessing will have risen during the covid outbreak as we all find ourselves with a little bit more time on our hands!

What is a design mockup?

In short, a design mock up is a way to demonstrate what your product will look like, without the initial outlay of producing it. It enables you to showcase what your design could look like in a standard, uniform way. Rather than trying to take the same style photograph of your product and catch the light just right in each one, you can download a mock up and add your branding to a pre-built background or image.
It offers a look into the final product design, including font style, images and colours – it offers a realistic view of what you are offering to customers, leaving less for people to ‘imagine’. People often mock their items up before products launch into market, that way they can gauge the popularity of one over another, and prepare their stock levels based on a ‘design’. It also helps to see the final product together – more often than not, font or colour clashes aren’t noticed until it’s put together. Think of it as the preview checker. It’s a lot cheaper, and easier, to make amends to a design than a product.

Why use mock ups?

When I launched my personalised print business Prosecco Prints, I used a standard template to promote all of the prints I sell. As you can see, each picture looks the same, is set out with the same background and in the same frame. And I didn’t need to print a single thing, or waste hours of my time taking photographs!
mockup - row of childrens printsMock ups work particularly well for those companies wanting to promote clothing and apparel. A lot of shops produce customised items now and it’s impossible to know what people would like on it, as each one is a personalised make. Whether it’s a mug, a book, a pen or something bigger – people like to see what they could have emblazoned on the side and this is where mock ups come in. Imagine shelling out for a heap of branded clothing that no one buys as the message doesn’t suit them or laying out a whole load of items, only to find you can’t perfect the flat lay. You’re not the only one with flat lay problems, trust me!
Using mock up templates ensures that your designs have the same proportions, creating a uniform look for all your designs. Take a look at this t-shirt mockup, it looks so much more professional doesn’t it? Less faff for a few quid. That’s always a winner in my eyes.

Design Bundles

I initially discovered Design Bundles when I was looking for some sweatshirt mockups for a hair brain idea I had about designing some personalised clothing to add to my Prosecco Prints shop. I had ideas of producing some ‘prosecco’ themed clothing and mugs, but didn’t want to just get something designed without testing it to an audience first. On the hunt for something to help with this, was when I stumbled across Design Bundles. The company, who were formed in 2016, were way more than apparel and again, I got lost down a rabbit hole of discovering new bits I wanted to add to my own website. The company offer a tonne of affordable digital products such as graphics, templates, mock ups and illustrations. It’s worth a look around – and you can check them out here.
Welcome to a whole new life of perfect images – and wave good bye to the troublesome flat lay set up!