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My 2019 Weight Loss Journey | Slimming World Week 2

I have really enjoyed this week, I pre-planned all meals using the Slimming World app and the ‘Free and Easy’ book that I brought in group last week. I found that planning made it so much easier to not go ‘off plan’ and also be prepared by buying only what was needed. Hopefully that will mean less food wastage as we are terrible for it!
I was going to use these posts to write down all of the meals that I ate each day, but I think that will get tedious so instead I’m going to use this as a space to share my highlights, low points and a bit of exercise reporting. Since getting my Fitbit at Christmas, I do find myself thinking I’ll walk to the shop to up my steps rather than keep getting into the car.
The part that I have really liked so far has been varying our meals; we got stuck in a rut of always having spag bol, chilli, slow cooked gammon or fried rice as our go-to meals, the other nights were takeaways – so it’s been nice trying food that we otherwise wouldn’t have eaten.
I did also have two bad days this week, which I don’t think helped towards this weeks weigh-in. On Sunday I had a night out with the girls at a local quiz night where I gorged on pizza and triple cooked chips – and far too much alcohol. Thursday I also had a Dominos. To counter that though, I did smash out 15,000 steps on Thursday and felt really good for walking to the supermarket rather than driving; it was nice to get out amongst the chilly air whilst being wrapped up for it.
Here are a few picture highlights of this weeks eats – you can find my daily meals over on my Instagram:

Quick two egg omelette filled with bacon, onion, mushroom and spinach and topped with HEXA cheese and a dollop of barbecue sauce (1 syn)

Friday night ‘fakeaway’. Slimming world chips cooked in salt, pepper and Nandos peri salt (0.5 syns), chicken marinated in hot sauce (1 syn), halloumi used as my HEXA and a spinach and gherkin salad with a balsamic glaze (2 syns).

Really impressed with this one! Followed the Slimming World recipe for this carbonara but added spinach, mushroom and tomatoes to get some extra speed in and break up the flavour a bit.

Campfire stew and Slimming World wedges. This was so filling and filled with heaps of veg and beans – a huge pot made leftovers for lunch too!

Week Two Weigh In Results: 0.5lb loss.
Total Loss: 3.5lbs