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Sustainable home improvement ideas for any household

Whether you’ve just bought a new property and want to make it your own, or you’ve been living in the same place for years and want to freshen it up, you would do well to consider home improvement ideas. 

There’s a lot you can do to make your house a far more pleasant place to live, but some of these improvements can impact the wider world as well. Here are some home improvement ideas that allow you to live a more sustainable lifestyle, which helps your family and the environment.

Solar Panels

One of the biggest threats to the environment is the use of non-renewable energy and fossil fuels. As these fuels are burnt, they release harmful gases into the atmosphere and contribute to global warming and climate change. This year alone has seen record temperatures around the world, which has led many people to worry about what the future holds and what they can do to help.

One thing that everyone can do is switch to cleaner sources of energy. A popular way to do this is solar panel installations. This doesn’t just help the environment, but it provides your family with cheap electricity that you can use as you like. 

Smart Meters and Thermostats

Speaking of cheap electricity, utility bills are currently at an all-time high. Another way to cut these costs and control how much electricity and water your household uses is to install smart meters in your home. These will track your usage and let you know exactly how much you use and how much it costs.

You can also install smart thermostats, which control the temperature in a way that reduces waste. Once your house has reached the desired temperature, they will switch off. Even better, you can turn them onto timers or change them from home, so you don’t need to worry about heating an empty house while everyone is out. 

Vegetable Gardening

External home improvements are a great way to improve how your house looks and to get more out of the space on your property. Growing fruits and vegetables in your backyard is an even better way to get some utility out of your garden.

Even if you only have a small space, you can still grow herbs and some vegetables. This cuts down on your grocery costs, but it’s also incredibly satisfying to eat something that you’ve grown yourself. This is also a hobby that can involve the whole family, as you can teach your children how to grow vegetables.

You can also use this as an opportunity to cut down on your waste by taking up composting. Composting food waste is a great way to help the environment and provide your garden with free compost. You get to use your food waste in a productive way, rather than just chucking it out where it can fill up a landfill site and release harmful gases into the air and ground. 

*This is a collaborative post.