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100+ blog post ideas for parent & lifestyle bloggers

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to blog ideas sometimes I can’t write my words out quick enough and others I realise I haven’t blogged in months and struggle to get back into the rhythm – or find any inspiration.

I’ve now got my blog content together for at least the next six months (coronavirus lockdown does crazy stuff to you!) so I thought I’d share some of the things I’ve already posted as well as some that I plan to do…!


  1. What’s in your changing bag?
  2. What’s in your hospital bag?
  3. 10 baby names you love but would never use
  4. The story behind your children’s name(s)
  5. If you can, share your birth story (Sofia’s is here & Arlo’s is here if you fancy a read)
  6. Top 10 must have baby items
  7. 10 baby items you brought – but didn’t actually need!
  8. Your children’s favourite books
  9. Raising boys vs. girls
  10. The big decision to move from one child to multiple children
  11. Ways to spend quality time with your children
  12. Share your children’s bedtime routine
  13. First year as a first time mum
  14. Breast feeding / Formula feeding
  15. Returning to work after maternity leave (or why you chose not to)
  16. The best and worst parts of pregnancy
  17. Top tips for first time mums
  18. Top tips for first time dads
  19. Adjusting to life as a family of 3 (or 4/5/6)
  20. What your baby eats in a typical day/week
  21. It’s time to wean – but should you go puree or baby led?
  22. Your hopes and dreams for your child’s future
  23. Favourite bits from your child’s nursery
  24. Toys my toddler (or any age) plays with
  25. Best baby groups in your area
  26. Beginners guide to surviving soft play
  27. Why we did controlled crying
  28. Why mum friends are great friends
  29. Things you said you would never do as a parent (but you definitely do)
  30. Your thoughts on screen time – share a list of screen free activities!


  1. School morning routine
  2. Applying for a school place
  3. First day at school
  4. Tips for first time school mums
  5. Easy ‘World Book Day’ costumes
  6. What to expect from your first school visit
  7. What to buy for starting school
  8. Starting school essentials
  9. How your child has transitioned from nursery to school
  10. Home learning in a pandemic (hopefully we won’t experience another one of those any time soon!)


  1. Your month/years goals
  2. A day in the life of you!
  3. Your self care playlist to help you relax and unwind
  4. 10 things you are grateful for
  5. Things that have made you happy this week/month/years
  6. A Q&A post about yourself
  7. List things you want to do by the end of the year – set yourself some goals!
  8. What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?
  9. How do you enjoy spending time alone?
  10. Best self care tips
  11. Things to do before you turn [your next birthday/milestone age]
  12. Your annual ‘bucket list’


  1. A letter to your younger self
  2. A letter to your first born child
  3. A letter to your future self
  4. A letter to a family member or friend (like this one I wrote to My Mum)
  5. Write a letter to your unborn child
  6. Write a letter to your child on their first day of school
  7. A letter to your childless self
  8. A letter to your partner
  9. A letter to your partner to read on their wedding day
  10. A letter to your child on their birthday


  1. Your favourite restaurant – and why
  2. Your summer bucket list
  3. Places to visit in your city; write a guide to the best places / things to do there!
  4. A book review/Books you’ve read that month, or year
  5. Do a tour of your house
  6. Favourite rainy day activities
  7. Your favourite outfits to lounge in at home
  8. Your favourite outfits for going ‘out out’
  9. Morning routine
  10. Bedtime routine for your child
  11. Your evening routine
  12. Best and worst of children’s TV
  13. Best series/films on Netflix
  14. Tour of your favourite room in the house
  15. Where you buy your home interiors


  1. Your favourite holiday you’ve ever been on, and why
  2. Things to pack on your first holiday with kids
  3. Favourite places to visit in the UK
  4. Favourite family travel destinations
  5. Holidays before kids vs Holidays after kids


  1. Top 10 date ideas
  2. Lockdown date ideas
  3. How you met your partner
  4. The things you’ve learned in love
  5. Top books for ensuring a healthy relationship
  6. Things that drive you mad about your partner
  7. Your dream wedding
  8. Your wedding plans
  9. Share a glimpse into your big day – you can look at ours here


  1. Your favourite Seasonal recipes
  2. The best ‘meal delivery’ recipes
  3. The best vegetarian/vegan meal ideas
  4. Slow cooker faves
  5. Meal Planning Tips for Picky Kids
  6. Breastfeeding/Bottlefeeding journey
  7. Weaning tips and tricks
  8. What my baby eats
  9. It’s time to wean! BLW or puree?
  10. Easy meals for all the family


  1. Birthday Haul – Show off your lovely birthday gifts!
  2. What did the kids get for their birthday?
  3. Celebrating a birthday
  4. How to have a lockdown birthday for kids
  5. How to have a lockdown birthday for adults
  6. Gift guides – birthdays, valentines, easter, Christmas – you name the occasion, there’s a guide of it!
  7. Easy World Book Day costumes
  8. Spooky Halloween fancy dress
  9. Christmas costume ideas
  10. Baby shower themes
  11. Christmas wish list
  12. Talk about your Christmas traditions
  13. Top tips for a stress free Christmas
  14. Top party games
  15. What the kids got for Christmas
  16. What the kids got for their birthday
  17. How we celebrated the kids birthdays
  18. List of games to play at a children’s party
  19. Top gifts for new mums
  20. Perfect presents to gift a newborn


  1. Do a guest post – Ask a friend or other blogger to write something for your blog
  2. Bloggers who give you inspiration/Your favourite bloggers
  3. Your blogging goals
  4. Your favourite Instagram accounts
  5. Why you started blogging
  6. Interview another blogger
  7. Create a Twitter or Instagram hashtag challenge
  8. What are three things you’d tell someone who wants to start a blog?
  9. Share the love – who are your favourite bloggers?
  10. A round up of your most popular posts


  1. Money saving tips
  2. Money saving tips for new parents.
  3. How to price items right at a nearly new sale
  4. How to save money when buying baby essentials
  5. How to save up for your dream holiday

I hope these blog post ideas have helped you, you can find lots more ideas over on Pinterest!